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Here at Boling Brothers, we can build you anything from just a perimeter frame to a complete chassis! Our frames are available in five different profiles to give your fenderless hot rod the stance you want. From a low frame with a 5" front sweep and a 12" rear kick up, to a more traditional style frame with no front sweep and a modest 5" rear kick up, and everything in between. We stretch our frames just a few inches to accommodate your V8 engine, without having to recess your firewall. We also offer a frame for full fendered Model A's. All of our frames are TIG welded in our jigs, and now feature 1 piece mandrel bent frame rails. They include new Model A front frame horns, new 32 Ford front crossmember, and tapered front frame rails like the original "A" frame.
Perimiter frames $985.00
Frame with K member,trans and engine mounts $1390.00
Full Fendered Frame $1850.00
We also offer complete chassis!

Choosing a profile is the first step to determine which chassis is best for you. Here is a list of our most common profiles;

Full Fender Frame

0-5/2-5 Frame

2-8 Frame

4-10 Frame

5-12 Frame

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